Night of the Dead for Windows

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Last throughout the night

Night of the Dead is a survival adventure video game wherein you must stay alive to get off the island. Developed by jacktostudios, this open-world post-apocalyptic game features a vast map filled with resources, secrets, and hordes of the living dead, and you must explore as much as you can in order to unlock an escape out of this zombie-infested nightmare. The game is also only played in third-person perspective.

Uncover the truth

Night of the Dead puts you in the shoes of Lucy, who awakens to find herself in a strange human experiment in the middle of a city overrun by zombies. Unfortunately, this city is on an island and there are available means of escape. You will have to explore the open-world environment to find clues about how to get out—while taking care of your hunger and thirst and keeping the zombies at bay.

However, this is easier said than done as unlike other survival horror games, hordes of enemies will come for you every night. The game has a base-building mechanic for the tower defense section that will occur once night falls. With this, you must set up platforms, obstacles, and traps to push the zombies back as you wait for sunrise. Thus, daytime is also meant for gathering resources while searching for main story clues.

The game looks like your typical survival game, wherein you can hunt and farm for food, collect materials for crafting, and build and upgrade your shelter. However, the game places more emphasis on the tower defense aspect and exploration. The survival gameplay isn’t really harsh so you will actually be focusing more on discovering all of the quest items that you’ll need to leave the island.

Optimize your anti-zombie base

All in all, Night of the Dead seems like another cookie-cutter zombie but it has surprising twists and turns with its gameplay. While resource-gathering can feel limited and the crafting can feel a bit of a hassle at times, the fact that you also need to strategize how your base will function for the nightly waves of zombies makes for a highly-refreshing survival horror game.


  • Open-world environment
  • Has tower defense gameplay
  • Implements time management elements
  • Almost everything is interactive


  • Only in third-person mode
  • Resources don’t spawn as much
  • Crafting can be tricky

Night of the Dead for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.5
  • (11)
  • Security Status

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